About Us



Innovation. Quality. Experience.

Whether it's a school backpack or a technical travel pack, everything branded Caribee is designed to be the best.

Our History

Caribee has become Australia’s most well known travel and outdoor brand. Our success is centered on our commitment to offering the latest in design and quality. We strive to find the best materials to make sure our products make your next adventure the experience of a lifetime. We are constantly innovating and creating unique products that will help you stand out of the crowd on your next trip.

Our brand started in Sydney, Australia as a small trading company. Family owned and operated since 1956 the brand has evolved into a range of products that will help you conquer whatever the future might hold. We stand behind our product and seek to exceed your expectations. Your pack is one of the most important decisions you make before setting out. We hope once that you try Caribee that decision will be a little easier.

What Does Caribee Mean?

Caribee’s name is derived from a South American piranha like species know scientifically as the Pygocentrus nattereri or Caribe. Its compact size masks the fact that it is a dominant and resilient species in its environment. A creature to be taken seriously. At Caribee we take this same approach.

What We Do

Caribee designs and develops the latest equipment for the outdoor and urban environment. Our decades of experience has allowed us to build the Caribee brand into Australia’s largest and most trusted travel and outdoor brand. Caribee incorporates both Australian and International trends to develop equipment that not only appeals, but satisfies the consumers demands. Our country’s love affair with traveling has seen the Caribee brand visit the farthest corners of the globe and return with praises. We take our business and brand seriously.